Repeat Tweet? Why Twitter Doesn’t Have This Option, And You Shouldn’t Either

repeat tweet: why twitter doesn't have this option and you shouldn't either

Let me be completely clear, repeat is not  the same as retweet. We’re fans of the popular “Retweet” button ourselves, but we’re talking about the repeaters. You know who they are. We’ve all got that one person in our news feed we’re just too lazy to stop following. They drew us in with one potentially interesting post and then proceeded to post it again. And again. And again. They seem to believe the same 2 or 3 tweets repeated daily, sometimes hourly, (just in case you didn’t catch it during one of the other 18 hours you’re awake) is a great marketing technique.


We hate to be the ones to burst the repeat bubble, since it’s so easy to be seduced by the lack of creativity and ease associated with it, but shoving the same exact thing in your audience’s face is not more likely to make them bite. There’s been enough stories about quality versus quantity produced that we shouldn’t have to cover it. Yet here we are, pounding away at the keyboard to remind our fellow man (or woman) Twitter Rule #201: Just because it’s 140 characters, it’s still spam.


So what are you supposed to do in order to get your message across?

We realize it can seem like an uphill battle. There a LOT of people out there trying to fight in order to be heard, or rather seen, by the same people you are shooting for. The best method we’ve found to be seen is to be you, be fresh and talk back.

Be you.

Do we really have to explain this one? Your company is completely unique from every other company out there because of the “you” factor. You bring a little something special to the table with your style and voice. Use it. Maximize your personal charm to draw in the right customers. Are you funny? Great, people love to laugh. Are you super professional and direct? Great, spin that pro factor and start attracting the people who would only be drawn in by your personal touches to all the tweets, posts and copy you produce. Think of your company as a representation of yourself then add in some human touches to attract other humans.

Be fresh.

People don’t like stale pretzels, and they won’t like your stale copy. There’s a fine line between consistency and repetition when it comes to marketing. You want to remind your audience you’re still around, but in a unique way that keeps the customer coming back for more. Change up the message. Highlight different aspects of your knowledge or services. Partner up with people to cross audience divides. Are you totally lost? If you really have no idea how to do this, or you just don’t have the time in your day to tap into all your creative juices it’s OK. There are several professional marketers and copywriters whose job is to be unique and creative everyday on your behalf.

Talk back.

We don’t mean for you to talk back to your parents, and we don’t want to get any phone calls alluding to that. We want you to engage your customers on Twitter. Talk to them! We suggest something like: “thanks for the fav,”  “hey cool fill in the blank,” or the timeless “thanks for sharing.” Get the picture? Do something to start a conversation flowing (in 140 character or less) and let the salesy stuff organically bloom. They’ll appreciate it. We’ll appreciate it. Your parents will appreciate it too.


All joking and witty sarcasm aside, we want you to seriously consider your Twitter habits. Assess what you’ve been doing and if it’s working. Internet stalk the most successful marketers you can find and ask the question “are they hitting repeat?” Most likely not. They probably keep things fresh with new copy all the time. Follow suit.

Have something to add?
Let us know in the comments section or send us a tweet @tweet_nexus.


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