STOP! Don’t Get Played By A Web Design Player

dont get played by a web design player

The following statements are by a web designer: WordPress is now obsolete. HTML was recently discontinued due to major security leaks. Google trends was replaced by Google Analytics after people started noticing it was more useful. Social media is now thought to be more important to a business than having a website.

Any of this sound legit? (Hold your fire web design wizards!) This may (or may not) come as a shock to some of you that read our blog, but none of the statements we made were true. (We’re sorry we lied!)

Our point in showing them to you is that someone, somewhere, took this mixture of lies and opinions we blasphemously typed as fact. It’s not entirely their fault though, many people are either not educated enough about web design or they took these statements as truth because a web designer said so. In other words, someone just got played.

I can’t tell you how many of our clients have come to us complaining that their new websites are either not what they wanted or are already insufficient according to “this guy” they met. (“This guy” gets around a lot.)


“We just paid fill in the blank with a few thousand dollars for a brand new website. The designer assured us it would do everything we wanted, and now we had “this guy” tell us it’s outdated. He said we need to build a new website and use blah blah blah. Is that true?” (Actual quote from one of our clients…minus the blah blah blah.)


As much as I love our industry, the world of web design is just like any other – everyone has an opinion. Beware when entering the battle, because just like the war between cell phone providers, the other guy is always the bad choice.

We aren’t saying that you should disregard everything a web designer tells you, we’re just reminding all of you website owners to take what “this guy” says with a grain of salt. Remember, we’re the ones who eat, sleep, and breath code for a living, so we do know a thing or two. Most of the suggestions and opinions we have come from a good, knowledgeable place.

We suggest you use every “this guy” you meet as a call to action to review your website. It might be that you really did make a misinformed decision to let some shyster with a flashing banner obsession take all your money and leave you with a website that won’t fit your needs. (It happens!) Every other time, you just reaffirmed your website coolness and have our permission to immediately tweet how awesome you are to all your friends. (On your personal account.)

Here comes the shameless sales pitch, right? Wrong. We really do want to encourage website owners to do some research. Hire one or more consultants to review your website, knowing you are NOT going to hire them to build it without another opinion. Check out your competition, favorite websites, and least favorite websites to get a firm idea of you want. (You can also contact your local Small Business Center and chamber for unbiased help. Many of them have on-call consultants to review your website and SEO.)

Now here’s the shameless sales pitch. If you need a little help getting started, need an extra opinion, or just need to get the ball rolling on your new killer website – email us. We’re ready to do our jobs and make sure you can confidently tell the next “this guy” to step off.


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